Asset Management Conference
Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Martin Flanagan, President & CEO of Invesco, will deliver keynote address

US asset managers have been stymied by low or negative organic growth rates over the last decade. As we enter a new decade, firms are evolving their strategies to both defend market share in existing businesses and take advantage of potential growth opportunities in new asset classes and new regions.

Set against a backdrop of increasingly uncertain markets, firms are keeping a keen watch on a few key sources of disruption – increasing client expectations, bursts of market volatility and geopolitical instability – while also keeping an eye on the looming risk of a credit cycle downturn.  

Moody’s 11th Annual Asset Management Conference will explore how changing customer behaviors, low interest rates, demographics and rapid technological change are magnifying growth challenges and opening new growth opportunities for US asset managers.

The conference will provide a platform to network and to hold critical conversations in an increasingly complex global landscape. This is a must-attend event for those who want to prepare for the next decade of growth.

Who should attend?

The conference is for senior-level investors, risk managers, analysts and issuers.

Registration for this event is required, and is subject to approval.

<div class="credit-themes-container dynamic"><div class="custom-fa-wrapper"><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Discover</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Discover the key industry risks that investors will need to focus on in the late stages of an extended business cycle</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Meet</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Meet industry experts, senior executives, and Moody’s analysts for engaging thought leadership and unparalleled peer networking</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Discuss</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Discuss the biggest challenges facing the asset management industry today and in the future</p></div></div></div></div>

Topics for discussion

  • Move over passive, is ESG Investing the next secular trend?
  • How big of an opportunity will China be?
  • How will persistent low interest rates globally and aging demographics will impact industry growth and behavior of US asset managers?
  • How resilient is the fund industry to liquidity risks?
Topics for discussion

Featured Speakers

Martin L. Flanagan CFA, CPA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Guest Speaker

Invesco Ltd. USA

Guest Speaker

Invesco Ltd. USA

President and Chief Executive Officer
Martin L. Flanagan CFA, CPA

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