Dallas Briefing
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
June, 2020
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This briefing will provide a platform to network with your peers and gain insight  into what factors are taken into consideration when Moody’s assesses credit.  It’s also a unique opportunity to meet Moody’s analysts.  

Below is the agenda from the 2019 briefing:

The economies of the State of Texas and the Greater Houston metroplex are among the strongest economies in the country and continue to diversify with numerous high-value-added industries.

A well-educated workforce, strong population growth, and copious job opportunities have led to very strong growth in income levels, property values, and business investment throughout the State. These trends have been credit positive for the state and many local governments, though not without some challenges.

Topics we will discuss include:

• Statewide economic and demographic trends

• Pensions and recent reforms

• Key legislative initiatives impacting local governments in 2019

• Environmental, social and governance risks in credit ratings

• Cybersecurity risks in the municipal market

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