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Hear Massimiliano Neri speak at 10:15 presenting a case study: Practical insights gained from implementing working IFRS 17 solutions.

Meet with out team at the conference to learn about IFRS 17 solution to meet your specific business needs.

Aligning Actuarial and Accounting Modeling and Calculations

Our IFRS 17 models are fully documented and transparent to help clients address the most stringent requirement of IFRS 17 calculations. This enables a quicker implementation of the most subtle aspects of the IFRS 17 standard, allowing clients to concentrate on testing the end-to-end process and their CSM results.

Consistent Data Governance, Lineage and Transparency  

IFRS 17 is challenging for insurers’ data availability, granularity and quality. The accounting standard requires consistent data governance, lineage and transparency across the actuarial modeling and financial reporting chain. The level of granularity necessary for IFRS 17 offers benefits in areas outside of IFRS, such as for data analytics. Our integrated IFRS 17 sub-ledger solution delivers data management capabilities while leaving existing models and systems intact.

Revolutionize your Reporting‍

IFRS 17 rewrites the rule book for insurance reporting. A strategic approach to transitioning to the new accounting standard could give insurers powerful insights that go beyond the core reporting requirements. Our solution allows clients to easily gain insight into their underlying financial dynamics, risk, and business performance drivers.

End-to-End IFRS 17 Sub-ledger Capabilities

Moody’s Analytics IFRS 17 solution comes with an innovative financial sub-ledger to support the insurance and reinsurance industry in their transformation towards the new accounting standard requirements. Find out how our solution extracts and optimizes source data from feeder systems, prepares calculations for accounting records and maps your best estimate cash flows from the sub-ledger accounting to your balance sheet and P&L.

Orchestrating your IFRS 17 Disclosure

Extensive disclosure requirements in combination with transitional calculations, retrospective comparative information, simultaneous IFRS 9 implementation, reconciliation with IFRS 4, movement analysis, and Solvency II reporting all need a strong technology solution to orchestrate all the workflows and ensure timely delivery. Find out how Moody’s Analytics IFRS 17 solution helps the industry.

To learn more, stop by our booth or schedule a meeting with us.

Moody's Analytics Speaker

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Moody's Analytics Speaker

Massimiliano Neri
Director – Business Development , IFRS 17 Lead

Moody's Analytics

Moody's Analytics

Director – Business Development , IFRS 17 Lead
Massimiliano Neri


Valerija Slavina
Manager - Events & Outreach

+44 (20) 772-1738