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The worldwide implementation of IFRS 17 is likely to be one of the most disruptive changes to the insurance industry ever. This global standard was designed to be principles-based and to apply to all types of insurance. This led to some confusion and challenges in the interpretation of the text and in translating it into practical terms. Significant practical challenges around data, The Moody’s Analytics IFRS 17 roadshow brings together experts from actuarial, accounting and technology departments of insurers to discuss requirements, best practices and opportunities of the new accounting reporting standard.

This free event is open to Moody's Analytics clients and senior insurance industry executives.
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Why Attend?

<div class="credit-themes-container dynamic"><div class="custom-fa-wrapper"><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Discover</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Get the opportunity for you to learn more about the challenges surrounding IFRS 17: including the impact on data, systems and processes</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Network</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Develop your network with other IFRS 17 experts to exchange best practice</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt white">Engage</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt white">Have the chance to hear the opinions of experts first hand and pose your own questions on the day</p></div></div></div></div>

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