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Banks and other financial institutions around the world increasingly recognise that cloud is more than a technology. It isn’t an emerging trend anymore. It has already been widely adopted by the companies and constitutes a critical tool for financial institutions to stay competitive in today’s challenging business environment.

Sourcing the right cloud service provider depends on a number of things: current and future operating model, your own service offerings and the type of delivery model the business wants.

In this webinar, Moody’s Analytics has collaborated with Amazon Web Services to help you evaluate a risk analytics cloud solution.

Topics covered during the event:

• Benefits of SaaS over on-premise

• Why cloud adoption is rising in our industry

• What matters most to customers when evaluating a cloud based solution

• Data protection and security aspects on the cloud

• SaaS in banking - common mistakes and misconceptions

• A simple framework for evaluating cloud solutions


Patrycja Oleksza, Associate Product Analyst, Moody's Analytics (Moderator)

Ken Barnes, Head of Global Partner Development, Financial Services, Amazon Web Services

Yann Delacourt, Director-Product Management, Moody's Analytics

Hristo Stanev, Assistant Director-Solutions Specialist, Moody's Analytics

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