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OverviewEpisode 2: Nonfinancial Companies: Slow economic recovery continues to strain credit quality

In partnership with Kenya Bankers Association

November 26 | 11:00 EAT > VIEW REPLAY

Credit Risk Capital is one of the most important indicators for banks and it is monitored closely by shareholders, creditors, regulators and rating agencies.  In this webinar we will discuss challenges around stress testing and forecasting credit risk impact on capital to examine a bank’s resiliency to crises such as Coronavirus led economic disruption.  

We will examine the importance of credit risk capital in the context of the Internal Capital Adequacy and Planning (ICAAP) exercises. We will also share practical tips on how banks can assess capital requirements and conduct planning under various economic and strategic scenarios.

In partnership with the Kenya Bankers Association, this webinar will bring together local and Moody’s subject matter experts for a discussion on:


Nash Subedar, Director, Moody's Analytics (Moderator)

Dr. Habil Olaka, CEO, Kenya Bankers Association

Metin Epozdemir, CFA - Director, Moody's Analytics

Wasim Karim, Director, Moody's Analytics

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