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Moody's Analytics Webinar: 2020 U.S. Macro Outlook: Two Economies

The U.S. economy is being buffeted by significant cross-currents. Consumers, housing, and fiscal policy are supporting growth. Business investment and trade are significant drags. Geopolitical uncertainty from the trade war and Brexit to the presidential election remains high. In this webinar we will consider whether the economic headwinds or tailwinds will prevail in 2020.


Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody's Analytics.

Chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, where he directs economic research. Dr. Zandi’s broad research interests encompass macroeconomics, financial markets, and public policy.

Ryan Sweet, Director-Real Time Economics at Moody's Analytics.

Director of real-time economics at Moody's Analytics. His areas of specialization include U.S. monetary policy and forecasting high-frequency economic indicators.

Cris deRitis, Deputy Chief Economist at Moody's Analytics.

Deputy Chief Director at Moody’s Analytics, where he leads a team of economic analysts and develops econometric models for a wide variety of clients.

Questions? Email: MA-Webinars@moodys.com

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