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Mauro Crisafulli

Associate Managing Director -
Country Manager
Moody's Investors Service
Moody's Investors Service
Associate Managing Director -
Country Manager

Mauro Crisafulli

Mauro Crisafulli is the Country Manager for Moody’s in Italy. In his role Mauro

oversees Moody’s Italia operations with responsibility for directing and

coordinating the company’s activities.

Mauro is an Associate Managing Director responsible for sub-sovereign credits in

the EMEA region. In this capacity he coordinates a group of 25 analysts and has

overall responsibilities for ratings and research on regional and local governments

and related entities, including transit, water, infrastructure companies, and housing

associations. In his role he chairs rating committees, helps maintain the quality of

ratings, and assures analytical leadership on publications.

Prior to assuming these positions, Mauro served as Group Credit Officer for the

sub-sovereign group with the responsibility of ensuring the consistency of global

ratings and implementing analytical initiatives worldwide. He was also a member

of Moody's Public Sector Credit Committee, in charge of reviewing public sector

rating methodologies. He joined Moody’s in 2004.

Mauro has a wide knowledge in credit risk analysis, with more than 20 years of

experience in the public sector rating business, including 8 years in Fitch Ratings

where he served as director of the public sector team. Prior to that he worked as a

Financial Analyst for the City of Milan and for various industrial and service


Mauro holds an Economics and Business Degree from the University of Bocconi in


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