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Credit Trends 2020 - Europe

Navigating a more fractured world

About the Credit Trends Event Series

Start 2020 by joining the event focused on credit and prepare for the year of uncertainty.  

The theme this year – navigating a more fractured world – looks into the impact of increasing polarization, geopolitical risks and the low or negative interest rate environment. How will a period of economic slowdown change outlooks and how are new types of risk affecting credit assessments?  

Attended by over 2000 investors, issuers and analysts in 23 cities around the world, the events are a chance for you and your teams to get the latest credit insight and discover the market sentiment.

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What attendees said about Credit Trends 2019

The series gives a good overview of the rating universe with interesting statistics together with Moody's forward view and relevant key themes in the near future.
Punchy, opinionated, timely.
Good themes, good speakers and  great atmosphere.
Highly informative.  A must attend.
Lots of opinions and data, good mix  of internal and external views.
Gave me a good sense as to the current outlook for credit markets.
Great spectrum of opinions and the coverage of topics.
It was explicit, focused on relevant  matters and  interactive

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Credit Trends, please contact Jasmine Endres.