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2 June 2020

An update on the impact of the coronavirus on Central and Eastern European sovereigns

How resilient are CEE sovereigns to the sharp economic contraction and the increase in government deficits and debt this year? What is the impact of the quantitative easing programmes by non-euro area sovereigns in the region?

Covered by Petter Bryman, AVP-Analyst, Sovereign Risk Group

Drivers behind the change in outlook on Botswana (A2 negative)

How much has the coronavirus-induced shock to the diamond sector affected Botswana’s growth and fiscal prospects?  What risks does this present to the debt trajectory and fiscal buffers?

Covered by Daniela Re Fraschini, Assistant Vice President, Sovereign Risk Group

Update on Locusts in East Africa

To what extent are the locust swarms aggravating downside risks to growth, fiscal and external metrics already under pressure from the coronavirus shock?

Covered by Kelvin Dalrymple, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer, Sovereign Risk Group

Moderated by Matt Robinson, Associate Managing Director, Sovereign Risk Group

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