Inside LatAm 2020

A series of 8 events across Latin America, gathering over 2000 leading market participants, providing an in-depth analysis of the credit environment of key markets

Latin America is expected to experience higher economic growth in 2020, but many risks remain. Elections and policy change.  Fintechs and cyber attacks. Global trade tensions. What will have the biggest impact on credit in Latin America?
Moody's Inside LatAm Series brings over 2,000 leading market participants together in 8 countries across the region. Our events provide critical insights, from the prospects of the local markets to the impact of emerging global issues on credit risk.
Connect with us and your industry peers at one of our must-attend events.
To take a look at last year's Inside LatAm Series, please visit the 2019 page.

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<div class="style-guide-placeholder"><div class="custom-wrapper-alt latamblue"><div class="custom-container w-container"><h2 class="explore-heading alt latamblue">Why Attend?</h2><div class="custom-fa-wrapper"><div class="custom-item-holder latamblue"><div class="custom-icon-fa alt latamblue"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder latamblue"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt latamblue">Discover</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt latamblue">Discover fresh perspectives on the credit markets.</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa alt latamblue"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt latamblue">Analyze</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt latamblue">Analyze which trends will have the most significant impact in the year ahead.</p></div></div><div class="custom-item-holder"><div class="custom-icon-fa alt latamblue"><br></div><div class="custom-item-text-holder"><h1 class="custom-item-heading alt latamblue">Network</h1><p class="custom-item-para alt latamblue">Network with the top Moody's analysts and key market participants.</p></div></div></div></div></div></div>
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For more information or to invite a colleague, please contact Ivette Lopez-Ruiz.