Inside LatAm 2020

A series of 8 events across Latin America, gathering over 2000 leading market participants, providing an in-depth analysis of the credit environment of key markets

Like other regions of the world, Latin America’s economies will suffer significant contractions in 2020 driven mainly by the COVID-19 pandemic. The economic, social and fiscal policy responses during and after the pandemic will determine credit quality among countries and issuers.

Moody's Inside LatAm Series brings over 2,000 leading market participants together in 8 countries across the region. Our events provide critical insights, from the prospects of the local markets to the impact of emerging global issues on credit risk.

Connect with us and your industry peers at one of our must-attend events.

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  • Growth: Economic growth concerns are always relevant for the region, from Mexico to Argentina
  • Financial Stability: Monetary policy in the region has taken diverging tracks in the past two years; e.g., Brazil´s rates are at historical lows whilst Mexico´s rates are close to highs, and Argentina is struggling to bring down inflation rates – Implications for the banking systems, cost of funding, inflation prospects?  
  • Political Risk: Elections taking place in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil; unexpected resignation by the president in Peru. Election outcomes are known in Chile and Paraguay. What are the prospects for growth, structural reforms, etc.? 
  • Technology and Innovation: Probably not a theme affecting national economies, but are there any major industrial sectors affected; e.g: agribusiness and manufacturing?
  • Climate Change and Sustainability: In combination with other themes, such as growth or technology? Or, carbon emission legislation’s impact on the power sector; incentives for renewables?
  • Demographics: Chile is aging rapidly. Implications on pension savings? Prospects for reforms of government-sponsored pensions? Is demographics the real challenge, or the structure of pension systems?

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For more information or to invite a colleague, please contact Ivette Lopez-Ruiz.